More and more businesses are sensing the need to receive payments more cheaply and quickly. Businesses are paying unnecessarily high costs for every transaction and are often being kept waiting far too long for their money. This is due to the several intermediaries that both parties to the transaction are using: banks, credit card companies and telecom providers. Consumers, for their part, often find cash or card payment old-fashioned, inconvenient and too slow. 

Daalder has developed a new payment system that lets companies receive - and make - mobile payments cheaply, quickly and securely. The payments run through the Daalder website and the Daalder App - an e-wallet that can be filled with Daalders, the digital euro. As Daalder cuts out the banks, businesses do not have high transaction fees charged to them and no longer have to hang around for their money. Payments made via Daalder are always transferred to your Daalder account instantly. 

Consumers can pay quickly and easily via Daalder by using the Daalder App on their smartphones. No cash or bank cards needed! Daalder was set up in 2013 by Renz Millenaar, Reinhard Spronk and Romke de Vries. As CEO Renz Millenaar puts it, Daalder meets a twofold social need: consumers’ need on the one hand for a quick and easy way to pay, and on the other hand businesses’ need for lower transaction fees and quicker receipt of payment.

About Renz Millenaar


Renz is the founder of Daalder. He started his career in the financial world, initially as a lawyer in Hong Kong, London and Amsterdam. Having completed his MBA in Madrid, he spent some time working in the investment world, primarily concerned with young, innovative companies. Renz began developing Daalder in 2012. After a period of thorough market research and technical development, Renz is now very excited to roll out Daalder in the Netherlands and internationally. Renz is the CEO of Daalder.

About Vince Blondeel


Vince has a technical background, engineering school, and a university degree, Public Administration. Right after his studies he started in the financial industry. He has worked in sales and account management with Achmea, Aon Consulting en Zurich Financial Services. He puts his broad study background and more then twenty years of experience with sales and account management to work as the CCO of Daalder. Vince is a co-owner of Daalder.

About Romke de Vries


Romke studied Computational Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Following a short detour, he started at SOG ICT, the virtualisation and network infrastructure specialist. Doing business runs in Romke's blood. He started his first business during his studies and is both manager and co-owner of SOG ICT. He is ready to take on the innovative and inspiring challenge of Daalder. Romke is co-founder and CTO of Daalder.