There are plenty of people that feel the time has come for a simpler and quicker new way to pay. Consumers are increasingly viewing cash or card payments as inconvenient and too slow. An extra consideration is that businesses are having to pay needlessly high transaction fees for each and every card payment, and often they are being kept waiting by the banks for their money. This is due to the several intermediaries that both parties to the transaction are using: banks, credit card companies and telecom providers.

Daalder has developed an app that lets you pay in an entirely new way, using your smartphone. The Daalder App is an e-wallet that you can top up with Daalders, the digital euro. With the Daalder App, you can always pay quickly, easily and securely. No cash or bank cards needed! With your Daalder e-wallet, you cut out the banks, so businesses have lower fees to pay for their transactions. Ultimately, that saving can be passed on to the consumer.

Daalder was set up in 2013 by Renz Millenaar, Reinhard Spronk and Romke de Vries. As CEO Renz Millenaar puts it, Daalder meets a twofold social need: consumers’ need on the one hand for a quick and easy way to pay, and on the other hand businesses’ need for lower transaction fees and quicker receipt of payment.