Quick & easy

With the Daalder App, payments are quick and easy. You always have your smartphone on you, and the app works with one touch. Also, with the Daalder App, it’s very easy to have a whip-round with friends and make a single payment pot. Very handy for evenings out or in the pub!

Makkelijk en snel

Special offers

Shopkeepers have to pay a high fee for every card transaction, which is often passed on to you. With your Daalder e-wallet, you cut out the banks, so shopkeepers have lower fees to pay. Even better, you can benefit from tempting discounts and special offers at shops that run Daalder.


Secure & reliable

Daalder complies with the Single Euro Payments Area regulations as set out by the European Union. Unlike cash or bank cards, Daalders can never be lost. Digital euros never fall out of your pocket!

Veilig & betrouwbaar